While a new normal becomes really into our lives and epidemic last almost one year, we started assuming its unbeatable benefits. One of them, the most important i think, we are together at home. And especially with smaller children this is absolute gift which maybe never happen again. Take it with all hands, today is the real opportunity to live every moment with our beloved. Throw bad feelings, conflicts and shouting away and make love. DO IT for yourself, your heart will appreciate that.
Just sit on fallen tree and talk also with your most youngest
Loose the chains of ordinary things like afternoon walks
If you open your heart to them, their souls can fly
Ordinary things like local diesel train are the most valuable if you are together
Read books with them, it is most important investment for the future
And do not forget about technologies, they are locked with our lives, work, skills and knowledge. Children in their late ages will appreciate it.
In 2020 we lived the most free lives ever.
And also do not forget about everything alive in your home, including plants :-)
Do not forget for your own hobbies, make fun with them and connect them with your beloved
Deal with sooner sunset, take headlamps out there
After year like 2020 has been, our lives will change forever, for the better.